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Sports Marketing & Media broadcasting Students

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The world of sports has always been a communal experience. Fans fill seats in an arena, gather together to watch the game, and sport their favorite team’s jerseys, all in an effort to connect with the athletes – and with one another. 

As technology has continued to offer up new and exciting ways to connect fans to the game, the need has grown for media-savvy marketing professionals who understand how to bridge the gap between traditional sports marketing and the vast opportunities available today. 

SCFA&M  Sports Marketing & Media program is designed to create that kind of working expert. As a student in this program, you’ll learn how the principles of marketing specifically relate to the sports industry, including courses like Global Sports Marketing Strategies, Sports Sales and Sponsorships, Sports Marketing Research, and Sports Law and Contracts.


You’ll also learn the fundamentals of content creation as you learn to develop assets and connect the needs of the boardroom with the imagination of designers and coders. Also as a telecaster of sports programming, You'll be trained on how to produce, write, and position at the anchor desk on television.  


As you progress through the program, you’ll begin to unite the concepts of marketing and content creation with blocks of courses on small-scale outcomes, distribution, and business practices. By the end of the program, you’ll have developed your own Sports Marketing Final Project, which tasks you with developing and writing a proposal for a sports business concept or a marketing plan.

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